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MyGDI Data Services is a web based application developed for geospatial data sharing between government agencies (Government to Government (G2G)). It is one of PGN initiatives under MyGDI program to provide a data sharing platform among government agencies in a secured environment

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About MyGDI Data Services

Data shared in this application are fundamental data divided into 12 categories namely Aeronautical, Built Environment, Demarcation, Geology, Hydrography, hypsography, Soil, Transportation, Utility, Vegetation, Special and General Use through secured map services in the government cloud. Data shared through map services can be viewed in multi-platform.


Until 2018, the status of fundamental data shared is 10 data categories involving 39 map services for 277 layers of data. Only users from registered government agencies are allowed to access and view shared data in this application. Registration is manually by submitting the LDAP PGN User Registration Form via email to This application allows registered user to access shared fundamental data online.



MyGDI Data Services Benefits

Simplify and speed up process of preparation and analysis work on geospatial information.

Avoid duplication of efforts in collecting, processing and creating geospatial information between relevant agencies.

Save time and agency’s fund.

Facilitate users from government agency to access geospatial data.

Promote sharing of geospatial information by data provider agencies.



  • Layer List - users can review list of available layers and create views of existing data layers;
  • View Layer Attribute - display attribute information for each layer;
  • Add Data Services - add other map services from agencies, MyGOS and ArcGIS Online;
  • Lot Finder – searches land lot based on state code, district, county, section and lot number;
  • Swipe - overlay multiple data layers from various added or existing map services and view differences between data layer;
  • Print - create and print maps;
  • Basemap gallery – wide selections of basemap from various sources such Bing Map, TM, ArcGIS Online, HERE and PGN;
  • Measurement – measurement of distance and area and also location coordinate information can be calculated;